Father indicted after helping son hide after murder

Father indicted after helping son hide after murder

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock County grand jury indicted 39-year-old Adrian Constancio for helping his son hide after he allegedly committed a murder on July 4.

The official charge in the case is hindering apprehension/ prosecution of a felon, according to court documents. Constancio was arrested on July 11 after police issued a warrant for his arrest.

His son, 16-year-old Christopher Hernandez, is accused of murdering 18-year-old Ezekiel Gonzales after a party on July 4, according to a previous story. The arrest warrant indicates that Constancio spoke with police numerous times and claimed to not know where Hernandez was after the murder was committed.

It was later revealed he helped his son plan an escape out of Lubbock.

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