Spur's Palace Theater will soon re-open

Spur's Palace Theater will soon re-open

SPUR, TX (KCBD) - A downtown classic is undergoing a renovation and will be openings its doors to the public in October.

The Palace Theater on the main street through town was built in 1939 but closed in the 1960's.

It sat untouched until the early 2000's until Harry Bob Martin took over as chairman of the Dickens County Historical Commission and decided to take on revitalizing the theater.

Martin says it's been a long process, but the community is helping this become a reality.

One Spur native helped Martin get $50,000 to make the Palace pretty again.

"He told me what to do. We're going to get this grant. I got a grant almost immediately. It took a month. He happened to be on the board of directors for this foundation. He's an old 1954 graduate of Spur. We started to work," Martin said.

Martin says they plan to show one current movie a month but show classics on Fridays and Saturdays.

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