Big renovations planned for Denver City High School

Big renovations planned for Denver City High School

DENVER CITY, TX (KCBD) - This time next year, high schoolers in Denver City will walk into a brand new, state of the art building.

Since 2008, Denver City ISD has undergone many renovation projects.

The final phase is Denver City High School, and you won't believe the technology this school will offer to the students once the doors open for the 2018 school year.

Construction crews are hard at work right now in Denver City, creating the foundation for a building that will shape the future of each and every student in this town.

And as Superintendent Gary Davis explained, it's going to be more than a building with just your average classrooms.

"We're also going to have cosmetology classes for our students. And the community can come into the cosmetology department and have haircuts for a nominal fee...and we'll also have a culinary arts department so that kids can graduate from Denver City High School with some degrees, with some certifications that will benefit them in the business world. And then they can go right out of our doors into the business community," Davis said.

It all started in 2008, when the school board that year created a plan for renovations across Denver City ISD.

Former Superintendent Dag Azam has been invested in the project from the beginning and says it's a thrill to see the ideas take shape.

"It's fun to see things that you know, start as a vision somewhere. And then it gets on paper, and it gets to plans, and it gets to some decisions being made and then all of a sudden you see it coming up and it's coming out of the ground and it's growing and developing. And you can see the construction. It's really going well right now," Azam said.

The new high school will also include 30 classrooms, science labs, a basement to double as a storm shelter and event space, a performing arts center and a media center.

But as Azam says, it's about more than the material items.

He says goal of the new facility is to provide the best tools possible to motivate the students to accomplish great things.

"We look at making sure that we have proper staff, good folks that are presenting the materials and doing the things. Providing good learning environments for them so that their chance of success is better each and every day," Azam said.

So as these crews continue to make progress on the building, the Denver City ISD family is looking forward to the completion of this project for the 2018 school year.

"It's been exciting for kids and teachers and for the community to watch it come from the ground up," Davis said.

"We're real pleased. But I think it's going to be a great tool and great environment. And like I said, our success is going, the kids' success is going to be much better when we take care of those kinds of things. They are the only other key that is involved. And whatever they put into it, they'll get out. And that'll be a good thing," Azam said.

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