City working to educate residents about new bike lanes downtown

City working to educate residents about new bike lanes downtown

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Thursday morning is the ribbon cutting for the new bicycle lanes on Broadway, and a video we shared on our KCBD Facebook page shows just how much that education is needed.

A Lubbock resident saw what appears to be a Lubbock County Corrections vehicle driving right through the new bike lanes for a few blocks.

We spoke with the City of Lubbock to find out how they plan to educate everyone on this new system, so both bicyclists and drivers can stay safe.

Wood Franklin, Director of Public Works, says these bike lanes are a part of the Complete Streets program, with a goal of making certain streets, like Broadway, safe and accessible for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

He says the city decided to begin the project with Broadway since it connects Texas Tech to the Canyon Lake System, which is a popular place for people to ride bikes.

These lanes are new, so he says the city is currently creating PSA videos that will outline what drivers are supposed to do when they encounter them.

There is a bicyclist icon at the beginning of each block, and you can see some areas on the bike lane have a solid white line, while other areas have a dashed line.

Franklin explained what that means:

"The solid white line reserves that lane for the bicyclist, and so it's something you're not supposed to cross over as a motorist. As it approaches some intersections, that solid white line may become a dashed line because as a motorist you may need to turn right and cross that lane. At those locations, it essentially becomes a shared lane. You have to yield to the bicyclist if there are currently bicyclists in that lane, but as a motorist, when it becomes a dashed line, you can cross it. A solid white line, it can be crossed for parking purposes."

Franklin says the city may look at adding more bicyclist icons along the bike lanes, or even painting them a solid color to make the lanes brighter and easier to distinguish.

You can find further information about the bike lane rules on the city's traffic engineering website here:

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