Covenant Allergy and Asthma Fair

Covenant Allergy and Asthma Fair

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Covenant Health hosted its annual allergy and asthma fair Friday to educate people on what they should do when they experience certain allergy or asthma symptoms.

Allergist and Immunologist, Dr. Goutam Shome, said although they have the fair annually they are trying to be more aggressive in their approach this year to educate and help prevent people from having to seek hospitals or urgent care.

"Just remember that education, education is the way to go it doesn't matter what I prescribe you have to learn about the disease, learn about the medications, learn how we can prevent it both by yourself and by what we can offer," Shome said.

Shome said the first step is getting evaluated to see what exact allergies are present, then evaluate what triggers those certain symptoms, and once a person is diagnosed they can put into place an Asthma Action Plan to know how to react when symptoms occur.

He encourages anyone that did not make it to the fair to call with questions or come in for an evaluation.

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