Consider This: Stop funding the NELCDC money pit

Consider This: Stop funding the NELCDC money pit

For almost four years we have reported on the wasteful spending at the city-funded North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation.

Until now, Lubbock City Councils have turned a blind-eye to the shady dealings and sent millions of dollars to the NELCDC.

Instead of being used for capital projects and neighborhood improvements, 91 percent of next year's budget goes to pay administrative costs.

Executive Director Monique Coleman presented the proposed budget this year that included a whopping increase in her own salary to now more than $83,000 a year.

Please tell me, what kind of program proposes to spend $354,000 improving a neighborhood without buying a can of paint or a sack of concrete?

Consider funding for NELCDC has got to go.

Projects like Habitat for Humanity and the East Lubbock Gateway can partner their resources with that money to produce results.

There are lots of places in North and East Lubbock to spend the money the city has dedicated.

It's time the taxpayers, and especially the residents of North and East Lubbock, demanded results and stop the wasteful money pit that is, the NELCDC.

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