2nd Annual Wild West Epilepsy Shootout

2nd Annual Wild West Epilepsy Shootout

A local group has hosted an event today that directly benefits those who suffer from epilepsy.

"This is a fundraiser for our epilepsy foundation," Tiffany Schuler, development coordinator, said. "It's a clay shoot and it's a lot of fun," said

There were twelve stations with a pair of targets at each one.. And in the end prizes for first, second and third place winners.

"We have 25 shooters most of them are really experienced shooters so its going to be kind of difficult to win those 1st 2nd and 3rd place prizes but its a lot of fun out here today," Schuler said.

The proceeds go to the epilepsy foundation to help provide clinic services but also send local kids to camp where they can participate in activities they would not normally get to.

"We use that money to help provide our clinic services in the West Texas area so through that we have patients who are under insured of not insured at all see our neurologist and also get prescription assistance so they can aim to have no seizures," Schuler said. "We also use some of that money to send local kids to one of our three summer camps each summer where they can things like swimming and kayaking and zip lining. Things that they normally wouldn't get to do because they have epilepsy."

This epilepsy foundation will raise about $7,000 through this fundraiser.

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