Consider This: Stop the madness of public debt, spending

Consider This: Stop the madness of public debt, spending

It's that time of year when the city and county set their tax rates then break their arms patting themselves on the back for the fine job they've done.

Don't be fooled by false claims that "we have kept your taxes the same."

The fact is, both the city of Lubbock and Lubbock County are set to collect more in taxes next year due to appraisal creep than they did this year.

Inflation and appraisal creep automatically provide more money.

Remember the tax relief council promised when debt rolls off?

Forget it...the council took that penny for itself this year so it can pay for its Ivory Tower. Next year, they're proposing to take even more.

Lubbock County bought $6 million worth of unnecessary new voting machines last December but has done nothing to address the dangers on Woodrow Road.

The pot of money politicians have to spend grows larger every year and the spending becomes more outrageous to keep pace.

Consider's time to stop the madness of public debt and public spending.

Let your elected officials know, it's not their money!

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