Police report: Construction a factor in deadly N. Loop 289 motorcycle crash

Police report: Construction a factor in deadly N. Loop 289 motorcycle crash

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We're learning new details in the deadly motorcycle crash that happened on North Loop 289 on September 18th.

The initial investigation indicates 66-year-old Jan Whitaker was driving westbound on North Loop 289 through a construction zone. As he attempted to exit the Loop at University Avenue, it appears he lost control of the motorcycle and crashed.

A police report obtained by KCBD lists the construction as a contributing factor in the crash.

The report states an officer advised that there was a six-inch lip where the roadway had been reconstructed.

The officer says at first glance, the road looked flat and unobstructed other than the standing water on the road at the time.

Others who drive this area often say this is a problem area for drivers.

"I noticed it had been pretty bad when they started the construction. There were no construction signs, there was no uneven, there was no speed limit change, there was nothing," said Deliaue Smith who has to take this route to work.

The only visible sign of construction are cones to block off one lane of the loop.

Drivers are unaware there is a major lip in the road until they take their exit.

"It was so bad, I really thought my car was going to flip," said Smith.

Many of her coworkers say they have had the same problem with the road.

Smith believes the accident could have been prevented if there were warning signs.

"They need to post the signs prior to them working on a construction site," Smith said.

Smith has since found a new way to work because of the construction.

Accident Investigators with the Lubbock Police Department says the investigation is still ongoing.

A spokesperson for TxDOT says FNF Construction out of Tempe, Arizona, is the contractor for this project.

TxDOT did not comment on the factors involving the crash.

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