Athletes thrill students with homecoming surprise at Coronado High School

Updated: Oct. 5, 2017 at 7:04 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Thursday was a big day for students at Coronado High School. Everyone was looking for a date to the homecoming game, including the quarterback, Qua Gray.

Gray, along with other football players, teamed up with cheerleaders and pom squad to make sure every special needs student received a personal invitation to the homecoming game along with a flower and a mum.

Emma Gomez was sitting at a cafeteria table with her friends when Gray approached her.

"I would like to ask you to homecoming," Gray said as he handed Gomez a mum.

Without hesitation, Gomez said yes.

"A boy just asked me out for homecoming!" Gomez told KCBD with a big smile.

"I like seeing myself put a smile on someone's face, so it was fun for me," Gray said.

Moments later, Gomez made a proposition of her own.

She called for number 10, wide receiver Devin Morrison, to come over to the table.

"I was very surprised," Morrison laughed.

He walked over to the table and handed Gomez a flower and a mum.

"She told me to call her, too, so I'm going to call her," Morrison said.

Morrison bent down and gave Gomez a big hug that left a smile on her face long after the embrace.

"It had my heart warm. I was about to cry; it was emotional," Morrison said.

When we told Gomez we captured that special moment on camera, she could not wait to see it for herself.

"Let me see that!" she said.

"He is my hunny," she told us as she pointed to Morrison's picture.

Just like other 16-year-old high school juniors, Gomez's mother said her daughter has quite a few crushes.

"Emma has crushes everywhere we go, so that was nothing new for her to act that way," said Stephanie Banda.

Thursday's homecoming surprise means just as much to Banda as it does to her daughter.

"She is a go-getter; she is a warrior. She has had a lot of medical issues and so to experience something like this, and have something positive to look forward to is great for me and her," Banda said.

As for Gomez, she is counting down the hours until the homecoming game when she can watch both of her dates take the field.

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