Pumpkin Farmers seeing too much rain

Pumpkin Farmers seeing too much rain
Pumpkin farmers dealing with too much rain (Source: KCBD)
Pumpkin farmers dealing with too much rain (Source: KCBD)

FLOYDADA, TX (KCBD) - South Plains farmers are feeling each drop of precipitation falling on their crops in this above average year for rain.

21 inches have fallen in Lubbock, so far. Not only is the rain saturating crops like cotton, but it's leaving the ground entirely too wet for pumpkin farmers to harvest.

Since the 1960s Assiter Farms has been growing pumpkins.

"We have a wonderful tradition here and that tradition has kept us going," Tim Assiter, owner of Assiter Farms, said.

This year the pumpkin tradition is a little more complicated.

"All the sudden we come up to harvest time and we have 11 days of straight rain and its not that the pumpkins are bad, its not that the pumpkins aren't there," Assiter said, "it's just that we cannot physically get in the field with equipment to get them out because they're all done with hand labor."

You can see the difference in color on the ground, where it's dark mean it is still saturated with water.

They say about 40 percent of their harvest is still out here in the field, and if it continues to rain they don't when they will be able to get out here and harvest the rest of the pumpkins.

Fields full of orange that are normally bare by this time.

“Normally we are through shipping wholesale sending it out to the public in their grocery stores and pumpkin patches by October the 5th" Assiter said.

Leaving Floydada, the pumpkin capitol of the U.S.A., praying for dryer weather.

"Gods giving those pumpkins a bath," Assiter said.

There's another person Assiter thinks can fix the rain problem, John Robison.

"I was blaming him for the weather and he told me to blame Cary is what he told me," Assiter said.

The Assiter Punkin Ranch and Pumpkin Patch is open Monday- Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays 1 to 6 p.m.

They are located at 3451 Ralls Hwy South, Floydada, Texas.

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