9 businesses receive grants for downtown Lubbock revitalization

9 businesses receive grants for downtown Lubbock revitalization

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Downtown Lubbock is getting an upgrade and adding new businesses to the area.

Nine businesses received grants this week, including The Garden, Pioneer Hotel, Reagor-Dykes Auto Group, and more. There is a grant to cover facades for businesses in Lubbock, and a grant for permits.

This grant program is extremely helpful to local business owners like The Garden.

"It really helped us in doing our facades," said owner, Mark Martinez.

For The Garden, they used the grant money to completely revitalize their building.

"With that, as a small business owner, ya know, 50% of grant money is a huge difference for someone local," Martinez said.

Some of the buildings, like Germ Blast, are getting a facelift. Others, like the courthouse lofts, are bringing new business and jobs to Lubbock.

So far, Lubbock has invested more than $5 million into the downtown area in hopes of bringing more businesses and traffic to the city.

All of these additions are the stepping stone in making downtown Lubbock thrive again.

"Well, we just see the momentum is amazing, and we think it's going to continue, but it's all because of the private investment that these business owners and property owners are making," said Jorge Quirino, Special Projects Coordinator for Market Lubbock Inc.

Market Lubbock says they are currently looking at adding another 50 projects to the grants to continue revitalizing the downtown area.

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