Blurry vision could mean diabetes

Blurry vision could mean diabetes
Dr. Kelly Mitchell, ophthalmologist and Texas Tech Physician

When was the last time you had an eye exam?

It's not just something you do to make it easier to read the fine print.

Dr. Kelly Mitchell, an ophthalmologist and Texas Tech Physician, says blurry vision can be a sign of diabetes.

So, a yearly eye exam is your best insurance in finding the disease before it leaves permanent eye damage.

He says this about patients, "They may develop these areas of smoky red vision if they have bleeding in the back of the eye or a gradual loss of clarity due to swelling in the retina. Diabetes is the number one cause of the loss of vision - blindness - in those adults between the ages of 20 and 70."

Dr. Mitchell says 10% of patients have diabetes and a third of those have diabetic eye disease.

His advice is to use the word TRACK as an acronym to help control or even prevent diabetes.

T means Take the medication prescribed to you.

R means Reach and maintain a healthy body weight.

A is for Activity which he says is an important ingredient in our daily health.

C stands for controlling our blood sugar, cholesterol  and blood pressure

And K is a reminder to Kick the habit. Researchers have long known that lighting up makes Diabetes more difficult to control, increasing the risk of blindness and other complications.

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