Communities rally to help Cochran County farmer

Communities rally to help Cochran County farmer

COCHRAN COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Maple cotton farmer Jake Timmons' wife passed away unexpectedly in early November, leaving him and his two young girls behind.

Knowing that Timmons would be facing a busy harvest, requiring a lot of hours spent in the fields, the community of Maple and Morton made it their priority to help him through these tough times.

"We wanted to do whatever we could to help him and the girls, to take some ease off his mind the best we could," said Morton farmer Pug Lyon.

After the news of Kayla's passing, local farmers gathered at a store in Morton to talk about how they could help.

A mass stripping was planned to help Jake get all 700-plus acres of cotton stripped in one day.

"We just got together and it has grown and more and more - people every day would call and want to help," Lyon said.

With over 20 strippers, dozens of module builders, workers, and the CPS Chemical company volunteering to feed all the workers out in the field, and the Maple Co-Op gin ginning all the cotton for Timmons; the outpouring of support left him at a loss for words.

Timmons admits it was difficult to let someone take over his harvest.

"They told me, Jake, just stay there. Stay with them, we'll do this," Timmons said.

The farmers helping say they never thought twice about it because they know Jake would have done the same for them.

"Jake would be the first one if the roles were reversed," Lyon said. "He would be the first one offering the same thing, he would give you the shirt off his back."

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