Agencies seeking new families for animals rescued from Lubbock home

Agencies seeking new families for animals rescued from Lubbock home

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock woman was arrested and charged with child endangerment earlier this month after police found 51 animals living inside her home with her three adopted children in extremely unsanitary conditions.

Most of the animals were foster animals that Kristina Kizer had taken in. Some of those animals have been returned to their original foster homes and are now up for adoption.

Animal rescues like Gingered Blessings say it has been a long process getting their animals back from Kizer, who had been fostering four cats from the organization.

Gingered Blessings said they had tried to reach Kizer for months after hearing she had 24 animals living in her home.

"We were concerned because when you have that many animals in your house, of course, disease can spread pretty quickly," said Mellissa Hanks with Gingered Blessings.

Hanks said Kizer kept dodging them, forcing them to call police for help. When police were able to get inside Kizer's home, the conditions were disturbing.

A police report revealed the smell coming from the closed front door took the breath from several adults. An investigator noted animal feces throughout the home.

Hanks said Kizer had been a highly recommended foster, and had been one for more than 10 years, but it seems she started taking in too many animals and got overwhelmed.

"She had started taking many on her own that we were unaware of. That's where the number came from," Hanks said.

Hanks said she was at Kizer's house when police arrived. Kizer eventually gave up the animals. Many of them were in poor health.

"They had a lot of colds, a lot of infection; they definitely had a lot of stomach issues."

Gingered Blessings was only able to get one of their cats back that Kizer had previously fostered. They were told one had died and two ran away.

Instead of giving all 20 to animal control, they decided to take 13 cats home with them.

Most of the cats are starting to heal and two are ready for adoption. Hanks describes that as a relief.

"It really just means a lot for us to help these animals who have been failed find forever homes that will love them," Hanks said.

Hanks said they believe some of these animals could belong to someone. So, if you are missing a pet, she encourages you to check out their Facebook page at

They will also be hosting an adoption event Saturday, Dec. 2nd at Tractor Supply in Levelland.

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