Lubbock High Athletic Coordinator Jason Strunk resigns

Lubbock High Athletic Coordinator Jason Strunk resigns
LHS Athletic Coordinator Jason Strunk resigns

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Tuesday, Lubbock High School Athletic Coordinator Jason Strunk notified Athletic Director Mike Meeks of his intention to resign his current position with the district.

"Right now, I am ready to embark on another journey through football," Strunk said. "It's time to chase another opportunity and enjoy the thrill of what our next football life has in store for my family. We are excited about our future."

"We are grateful for the seven years Jason spent coaching student-athletes at Lubbock High, and the passionate resolve he's displayed in the effort to achieve student success," said Meeks. Strunk took Westerner football to the playoffs in 2012, the first post-season appearance for Lubbock High since 1975.

Strunk brought innovative ideas in nutrition planning for student-athletes to Lubbock High from his previous position at Purdue football. Many area coaches have adopted Strunk's nutrition strategies. Stunk also embedded the high academic standards of Lubbock High into his program, assigning one coaching position to a role of academic coordinator, ensuring student-athletes had every opportunity to be successful in the classroom.

"Coaching at Lubbock High and coaching in the greatest football state in America has been an honor and a privilege. We enjoyed every minute of our ride here at Lubbock High! I would like to thank Mark Ball, Karen Garza, Berhl Robertson and Melynn Hunt for bringing me here; and Mike Meeks and Lubbock High Principal Doug Young for working with me," Strunk said. "Lubbock High is an awesome place, with awesome kids. My coaching staff worked their tails off for every athlete that passed through our doors. I cannot thank them enough," he added.

Meeks said the search for a new athletic coordinator for Lubbock High will begin next week.