Texas Tech student pulled into question by TSA for Guns Up sign

Texas Tech student pulled into question by TSA for Guns Up sign
Diana Durkin getting her guns up

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Diana Durkin was on her way back from Houston visiting her best friend when she spotted someone wearing a Texas Tech hoodie while in line for security.

Diana is a sophomore at Tech so, being a Red Raider, she threw her Guns Up as a way to say "hello" and show her raider pride. Instead of getting a response from the person wearing the hoodie, she received a tap on the shoulder from a Houston Transportation Security Administration agent. They wanted to question Diana for throwing up a gun symbol in the middle of the airport.

"I showed them my Tech ID and I was like 'please I go to Texas Tech,'" Diana Durkin said, "this was nothing bad, nothing malicious."

TSA then proceeded to search her belongings and pat her down just as a precaution. Diana was then let off the hook with a warning and she was able to make her flight back to Lubbock.

At the time, Diana said it was a scary experience, but looking back at it now she can laugh at the situation.

"Afterwards I thought, 'that's so funny, that's kinda the thing that would only happen to somebody who goes to Tech or only happen to me,'" Diana said, "trying to be like oh, hey and trying to make a friend and bond over Texas Tech and end up getting in trouble."

Diana has since tweeted about the incident and has received over 39,000 likes and 3,000 retweets.

Texas Tech even sent out a tweet of their own saying, "sorry TSA sometimes we can't hide our excitement seeing a fellow Red Raider."

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