Genetic test can determine risk for prostate cancer

Genetic test can determine risk for prostate cancer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Wakeful watching is the advice for many who are diagnosed with prostate cancer, since it is typically slow-growing, especially in older men.

But did you know that genetic testing today can provide one more clue to better understand if there is low risk or high risk that this could develop into cancer, or even spread?

Dr. Alan Haynes is a Urologist and Texas Tech Physician.

He says genetic testing is the wave of the future.

We've heard a lot about it in women, testing for the BRCA gene to warn about breast cancer.

Dr. Haynes says that the BRCA gene is something that even men should not ignore.

He explains, "The data is showing now that if you're a man and you have three relatives and this includes women - you got a mother, a sister and an aunt that had breast cancer and had a positive BRCA test, you have a significant risk for cancer if you have that gene."

Dr. Haynes says if a man has the BRCA gene, it doesn't mean he'll get cancer. But it does mean he should be vigilant in his screenings. And he says, every man with a high PSA level or a prostate cancer diagnosis should ask about genetic testing for additional clues.  He says genetic testing is widely available now and mostly covered today by insurance and Medicaid.

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