Alex Trebek mocks 'Jeopardy!' contestants over football fail

(Source: KCBD)
(Source: KCBD)
Updated: Feb. 2, 2018 at 7:28 AM CST
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(KCBD) - 'Jeopardy!' treated its contestants to a football-themed category on Thursday's show ahead of the Super Bowl.

The contestants left the football category for last, and they really dropped the ball when it came to the sports questions. Not one player was able to answer any of the five questions.

That gave the audience a few good laughs, but host Alex Trebek stole the show by poking fun at the players.

Trebek said, "I can tell you guys are football fans," when one of the contestants chose the $400 category. The question that followed was: "Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation with this team."

When none of the three contestants buzzed to answer, Trebek said, "Dallas Cowboys.... do you think we should go to commercial?" drawing laughter from the audience.

When only the $1,000 question remained, the host couldn't resist mocking the group one last time saying, "Let's look at the $1,000 clue, just for the fun of it."

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