More remains found in Midland garbage pit

More remains found in Midland garbage pit
Site of excavation in Midland
(Source: Midland Co. Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Midland Co. Sheriff's Office)

MIDLAND, TX (KCBD) - Nine days after the first set of remains were found in a Midland garbage pit, a second set of remains were found 14-feet deep in a second pit on the property.

Officials say 15 agents have been on the scene, working 12-hour shifts, digging in the lot until they found remains or a second body. Sheriff Gary Painter says the second set of remains were found Saturday around 4:40 p.m.

Sheriff Painter said in a news release while removing debris from the second pit, deputies saw a skeletal skull roll out from underneath the excavator jaws and immediately called a halt to the activities.

Investigators from the Midland County Sheriff's Office and Texas Rangers began the very slow process of digging down around the skeletal remains to begin the removal process. There was still skin attached to some of the fingers which will assist in helping to identify the remains as well as some soft tissue and tendons which will aid in the identification through DNA testing.

The remains were transported to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office and turned over to the Forensic Anthropologist on Sunday

The owner of the property is continuing to cooperate during the investigation.

The remains of the female found nine days ago have been sent to a forensic anthropologist in Tarrant County to be examined. An autopsy was ordered. Most of the remains were intact.

"This will tie back to a case we had in October of 2015. We had two teenagers come up missing. We had their family get in touch with us and notify us. We found an individual who had their property but we could not find the teenagers. We pray this case will tie back to that," said Sheriff Gary Painter in a news conference on Monday, Jan. 29.

They're waiting to do a DNA test to positively identify the remains of the female. They're hoping to get a positive identity on the remains in the next week or so.

Sheriff Painter says they will be relying on the District Attorney's Office moving forward. They will be drawing up search warrants, arrest warrants, and more in the very near future. They are hoping to move fast and "find the location of the individual we are looking for."

The pit is located on County Road 1227 and West County Road 116.

Officials have not released the names of the teens because an official identity has not been made.

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