Home owner haunted by memory of finding Katrina Castillo's body

Home owner haunted by memory of finding Katrina Castillo's body
Maria Granado
Katrina Castillo (Source: LPD)
Katrina Castillo (Source: LPD)
Maria Granado shows where she found Castillo (Source: KCBD Video)
Maria Granado shows where she found Castillo (Source: KCBD Video)

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Maria Granado found Katrina Castillo's body in her yard in the 4200 Block of East 2nd Street on Monday. She says she cannot get the image of Castillo out of her mind, no matter how hard she tries.

"I just see her," Granado said, "I just keep seeing her body in my mind."

Granado does not currently live in her home. She lives with her daughter during the winter months, but she and her boyfriend drive by the house to feed her dogs every day.

As they were feeding their dogs on Monday, Granado's boyfriend saw skid marks on the front yard. He believed those skid marks were the result of someone being at the house recently. Her house has been robbed before, so she thought this was the case on Monday. She took it upon herself to check her house outside.

"I told him I'm gonna walk around this way and check the windows," Granado said, "and make sure nobody tried to break in."

That's when she found a young girl's body in the yard. She says the body was facing the wall with her hands tied up.

"As soon as I got right here, I saw the feet right there and that's when I screamed," Granado said.

She then called authorities.

"I grabbed my phone to try and dial 911," Granado said, "but I couldn't even unlock my phone, that's how in shock I was."

The authorities identified the young girl's body as 20-year-old Katrina Castillo, someone Granado knew.

"The last time I have to see her was like that," she said. "That's not a picture I want to keep in my head of her like that."

Granado hopes for justice in this case.

"Whoever was involved I hope they get caught," Granado said. "They need to be punished for this...Katrina never hurt nobody."

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office arrested a person of interest in the death of Castillo on Tuesday evening.

20-year-old Xavier Garcia was taken into custody on unrelated charges. Garcia was also found in possession of Castillo's car when he was arrested.

There will be a prayer vigil for Katrina Castillo at St John Neumann Catholic Church in Lubbock, 5802 22nd Street, Friday night at 7 p.m. The vigil will be held on the East side of the church (SJN) in the area where the Blessed Mother Statue is located. Those attending are advised to dress warmly and please bring a candle.

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