Consider This: School board votes against LISD parents

Consider This: School board votes against LISD parents

Recently the Lubbock Independent School District circulated a survey among parents asking our input on three separate school calendars.

The response showed an overwhelming preference by parents for a later start in the school year.

But in a move that baffles the imagination last week L-I-S-D's board of trustees voted 4 to 3 to change the school calendar to an earlier start, completely disregarding the wishes of the parents.

Laura Vinson, Lala Chavez, Scot Mayfield and Mark Blankenship all voted to ignore parents.

Now, I don't mind the board making decisions, but if you don't care what we think, why waste the time and money asking us in the first place?

This decision, made without considering the preferences of an overwhelming majority of responding parents, shows a school board that is out of touch with the constituents that elect it.

If this was a viable option in the first place, why ignore your constituents?

Consider this...tell the Lubbock ISD board to reconsider this option and take seriously the concerns and wishes of the parents it serves. I've put all of the board members' email addresses under Consider This at

And, by the way, it's filing season for school board offices.

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