Shallowater family of 9 loses everything in house fire

Shallowater family of 9 loses everything in house fire
Rader Family
Sizes for clothing donations (Source: Go Fund Me)
Sizes for clothing donations (Source: Go Fund Me)

SHALLOWATER, TX (KCBD) - Around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, Brandon Rader and his family lost everything. Firefighters on scene say it was the result of an electrical fire.

The Rader's home, in the 700 block of 16th Street, was a total loss.

"I actually thought it was a joke because my son stays home and he's always trying to pull a joke on me - so that's what it was, he was just pulling a joke on me. They said your house is on fire, get here. When I left work I could actually see the smoke and that was heart-wrenching." Brandon told KCBD.

When Brandon got home, he saw the entire house, and the house next door, engulfed in flames. After the firefighters had it contained and the family was able to sift through the rubble, they found nothing salvageable but the clothes on their backs.

Brandon said, "The company I work for...these guys came out here and put a hotel up for us. That's where we're staying right now, just waiting to see what happens next as far as picking up the pieces."

Brandon's mother, who lives next door, has given the kids a place to stay while Brandon is at work.

Brandon, who supports his family of eight, is left starting from scratch. Thanks to the generosity of family and many in his community, the Rader family has raised more than $1,300 thus far to get back the things they need.

If you'd like to help the Radar family, please click on the Go Fund Me link.

Friends are asking for donations to provide clothes, school supplies, and necessities for this displaced family of nine.

GOFUNDME: Rader Family

The woman who lived in the adjoining home is also being helped by the Red Cross and also lost everything in the fire. Friends of hers set up a PayPal account for any donations. The name of the account is LESLY BLANKENSHIP. Her e-mail address is

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