March 6 primary election causes commissioner's court shakeup

March 6 primary election causes commissioner's court shakeup

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Tuesday night's Republican Primary Elections saw the defeat of two long-standing county commissioners in Lubbock. In Lubbock County Commissioner's Court Precinct 2, Jason Corley defeated Mark Heinrich who was seeking a 4th term. In precinct 4, Chad Seay unseated Patti Jones in her 5th term as a County Commissioner.

Jones and Heinrich's opponents called for support of property tax reform and for an end to commissioner pay raises. In fact, now the two Republican Primary winners say they will call for changes including rolling back commissioner salaries to what they were in 2014 which would be a pay cut of more than $2,500.

The two remaining commissioners on the court are Bill McCay and Gilbert Flores. They both will be on the ballot in two years.

"Change is good in a lot of instances, but one thing we are going to lose is a lot of valuable knowledge and leadership," McCay said, "a lot of hard work has gone into this to make Lubbock County what it is so there will be a void in leadership and knowledge."

McCay is the Lubbock County Commissioner of Precinct 1 and he was surprised by the primary results.

"I was surprised," McCay said, "I understand the drain the swap mentality, but I think that's what sounds great campaigning, but I have always been careful not to make promises other than for hard work."

During their campaign, Corley and Seay made promises to support property tax reforms and cuts on commissioner salaries.

"[Corley and Seay] were talking about the taxes and that we should have lowered our taxes, but we maintained the same tax rate we had last year," County Commissioner of Precinct 3 said, "we did not go up on our tax rate."

According to McCay, extensive research has gone into planning the correct amount for commissioner's salaries.

"When we did our salary analysis comparing what we do in this community and across the state, we looked at every department director to determine what salary would match these jobs"

Corley and Seay will face off with their Democratic counterparts in the November general election.

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