Spring Break Weekend weather

Spring Break Weekend weather

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's going to be a beautiful Friday on the South Plains and over most of the Lone Star state. The weekend, however, will be a different story.

Friday's temperatures will stay around 80 degrees or warmer with winds of 10-20 mph from the west and sunny skies.

As for Saturday, it will be very windy with northwest winds at 20-30 mph, very dry conditions and a slight drop in temps in the afternoon. Fire danger will be critical through the day until evening.

By Sunday morning it will be colder with gusty northerly winds and some clouds. Daytime temps will stay in the 50s and northerly winds will average 15-25 mph early in the day. Some light rain potential late Sunday through Tuesday along with the cooler temps.

The cool temps will include lows in the 20s by Monday morning with the highs in the 50s Sunday through Monday. Rain chances will be low.

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