Flip-flop in your spring break weekend weather

Flip-flop in your spring break weekend weather

LUBBOCK, TX (AP) - A terrific Friday will be followed by a warm but windy Saturday as highs climb to 80 plus degrees in Lubbock and surrounding communities. As for winds, they will increase to 20-30 mph from the northwest.

The winds plus dry conditions and very warm temps will continue the chance of wildfires in the area. So, be cautious with outdoor activities and no burning.

A big change begins Saturday night as a surge of colder air moves out of the plains into the Lone Star State and chills the temps by about 30 degrees. Along with the clouds a chance of light rain and maybe a wintry mix for portions of the south plains.

I'm not expecting travel issues in the South Plains, but, if you're traveling to New Mexico this weekend you may encounter some travel problems in the higher elevations of that state.

The rain chances will start dropping Monday morning followed by a slow warming trend for Monday afternoon through the remainder of the week.

There could be another chance of some rain by late week and next weekend.

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