Consider This: Voters spoke clearly on Tuesday, is the council listening?

Consider This: Voters spoke clearly on Tuesday, is the council listening?
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Last Tuesday's party primary elections delivered a clear and consistent message that wasn't kind to incumbents. Voters said their elected representatives have forgotten them.

Two long term incumbent county commissioners were defeated Tuesday. The leader going into a runoff to replace County Judge Tom Head ran against the current commissioners court, and the loser was a sitting city councilwoman.

Whether it was the pay raises, opposing property tax reform, or failure to maintain county roads, it was clear that voters felt their local elected officials have lost touch with them.

After watching the two remaining commissioners' interview about the message the voters responded to, I've got to wonder if they were watching the same election.

City elections are coming up May 5th.

That's when you get a chance to let the city council know whether it has lost touch with the voter.

While there is limited competition for the council seats, they are asking us to vote to abandon the municipal auditorium and coliseum and give it to Texas Tech for free.

Consider's time for elected officials to check their know-it-all attitudes and start listening to the voice of the voters.

The voters had something to say last Tuesday night, and if you're an elected official and you're not listening, I've got a feeling you'll find out May 5th.

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