Changes on the way for Easter Weekend weather

Changes on the way for Easter Weekend weather
Source: KCBD Graphic

LUBBOCK, TX (AP) - The Easter weekend will feature changes for the region in terms of wind, clouds and temperatures.

Beginning with Saturday, warm west to southwest winds will push the daytime highs to the low to mid 80s in the south plains, except for northern areas. The north will be cooler due to the late afternoon arrival of another cold front. The dry west winds will also provide drier air and partly sunny skies on Saturday.

By Saturday evening, winds will turn to the northeast and that will lead to a 20 degree difference in temps between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Easter sunrise, 7:35 in Lubbock, will be mostly cloudy and chilly with a low in the 40s. Clouds will dominate the region on Sunday and northeast winds will add a chill as daytime highs will stay in the 60s, compared to the 80s on Saturday.

Sunday could bring some drizzle along with the mostly cloudy skies.

On Monday it will be mostly sunny and back to the 70s and 80s.

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