Locals host annual Cesar E. Chavez march as birthday commemoration

Source: KCBD video
Source: KCBD video
Updated: Mar. 31, 2018 at 7:34 PM CDT
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Information courtesy of the Cesar E. Chavez -- Lubbock Commemoration Committee

The César E. Chávez Commemoration Committee will pay tribute to American hero and civil rights leader, César E. Chávez, during Lubbock's 19th Annual César E. Chávez People's March and Celebration, with the annual march to be held Saturday, March 31, 2018, announced event organizer Christy Martinez-Garcia.

This is also  Chávez's birthday.  He stood as one of our nation's most outstanding leaders for peace, justice and non-violence. A strong believer in the principles of nonviolence practiced by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., he effectively employed peaceful tactics such as boycotts and fasts.

Chávez also maintained his commitment to non-violence even in the face of violent attacks from growers. In 1968 he embarked on a spiritual fast for 25 days to affirm his personal commitment and that of the farm labor movement to non-violence.

"We take pride in honoring this great American hero who humbly stayed committed to nonviolence, and humanity," said Martinez-Garcia, annual event organizer.

"This march is significant because it is a re-enactment of the initial march led by Chávez, more so, h is most profound undertakings for the cause, which were inspired by his deep spirituality, and to peace and non-violence. "

She said that all are invited to join community and student organizations, and many individuals committed to quality of life for migrant and farm workers, and to non-violence.

"In a time when there seems to be a growing amount of hate and violence, we must take steps to assure peace...even if it begins with a march for peace," concluded Martinez-Garcia, especially encouraging Veterans, church groups, non profits, students of all ages, and the general public of all backgrounds.

The event is organized by a citizen driven committee that are committed to bringing public awareness about Chávez's legacy.