Consider this: Things I remember from Tom Martin

Consider this: Things I remember from Tom Martin
Former Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin

Lubbock said goodbye to a true public servant Monday.

Tom Martin spent his entire career in police departments in Lubbock, Grapevine and San Marcos.

After his retirement, he continued that service in non-profit organizations, in his church and as Lubbock Councilman and Mayor.

There was a lot to be learned from Tom, and he wasn't shy about telling you what you needed to hear. He was a natural born educator, in and out of the classroom.

Tom believed city government should stick to its core mission of public health & safety. As he saw it, that meant spending our money on good streets and securing water rights.

You only have to look at the development along Marsha Sharp and Milwaukee to understand how business and employment thrives when government sticks to its core values.

Mayor Martin hated debt, and believed it should be used wisely, and not for fancy projects and frivolous wants.

Finally, if you were around Mayor Martin very long, you heard something like this when talking about taxpayer dollars, "It's not our money, Bud."

Consider this...I am thankful that Tom and Karen Martin chose to move back to Lubbock and serve our community and I offer our gratitude and condolences to Karen for her loss.

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