Consider this: Council wants to be in the hotel business

Consider This: Council wants to be in the hotel business

Last month the Lubbock City Council set in motion the process to build a civic center hotel.

That's right, the same people who crammed the Ivory Tower down our throat are now about to spend what could end up being another fifty million dollars to go into the hotel business.

And once again, all without asking us.

First, they'll commit fifteen million dollars to the hotel and tell us that will be paid by the hotel/motel tax.

Then, the hotel developer will tell us the civic center doesn't qualify for convention events because it isn't big enough. That's another 25 to 30 million dollars necessary to prop up this project.

In case you haven't noticed, there are lots of new hotels in Lubbock right now. This means declining hotel revenues...and probably more debt.

Before you know it, the civic center hotel could become a debt monster, just like the Ivory Tower.

Consider this...the last thing this council needs to be doing is going into the hotel business.

Why does this council think they are developers with our tax money?

Annexing land, renovating buildings, wanting to build new ones and permanently abandoning old ones.

Let me remind them that their primary responsibility is public safety and infrastructure.

But if the council does decide to force this on us, let them call it the City Council Hotel, so we will remember who built it.

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