Consider This: Vote against Proposition A, reject council's plan to abandon coliseum

Consider This: Vote against Proposition A, reject council's plan to abandon coliseum

Next Monday, April 23, early voting begins in the Lubbock city elections.

I'm urging you to get out and vote against Proposition A to permanently abandon the coliseum, auditorium and parking facilities.

Timing is everything, and this council is in too big a hurry to abandon this Lubbock icon.

Can someone please tell me what is the rush? The decision by council had already been made before anyone sat down with the largest tenants of both facilities to talk about the future.

Who handles their business like that?

It is too convenient that after KCBD raised questions, suddenly council members are announcing there will be another rodeo.

Last week, magically, there was an announcement of an 11-year-old plan by out-of-town owners of an empty lot in north Lubbock to build an equestrian arena. It's a plan that has no chance of happening, especially in the two-year window mentioned.

Bless their hearts, how ignorant does this council think we are?

Now the Mayor and the Chamber President are cutting videos telling us why this is good for us.

It's probably good for somebody, but not for the citizens of Lubbock.

Consider this: Get out and vote against Proposition A in the Lubbock City elections. Early voting begins next Monday.

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If you disagree, my direct line is 761-4200.

Call me, let me know why you want to permanently abandon this valuable property and give it to Tech for free.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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