Consider This: Save the coliseum by making Tech pay its fair share

Consider This: Save the coliseum by making Tech pay its fair share

Early voting has begun in the city elections and at the top of the ballot is Proposition A: the vote on whether to permanently abandon the coliseum, auditorium and parking lots.

The constant knock on the facilities by proponents of abandoning them is the claim that they lose roughly $600,000 a year.

Now I have my own idea about the way council shifts the revenues and reports the numbers, especially since they don't account for the money Civic Lubbock makes on concessions and alcohol sales for every event.

You can bet we only know half the story that council wants us to know, but here is a simple solution that will turn this into a break-even enterprise on day one.

Did you know Texas Tech and the Red Raider Club generate more than $5 million a year from the parking lots that Tech leases from the city for $38,790? That's right, let me say it again, Tech generates over $5 million and leases the city's parking lots for $38,790 a year. Oh, and we the city have to maintain and repair our parking lots they lease.

The city of Lubbock stepped up 65 years ago when Tech needed these facilities, and now it's time for Tech to be a good citizen and to pay its fair share.

So, have Tech pay the city $600,000 a year to lease the parking lots.

Simple math once you do that, the city's breaking even and Tech still makes millions.

I am a proud Texas Tech alum, but this is handing Tech a golden goose at the taxpayers of Lubbock's expense.

I thought city council is supposed to work for the citizens' best interests not Texas Tech's.

And let's not kid anyone, if this proposition does pass the citizens will not see a single penny in a tax cut, instead city hall will just use the savings on other pet projects.

So Consider This: Vote Against Proposition A.

If you agree with me, I hope you'll share this post with your friends and use the #NoWayPropA.

If you disagree, feel free to give me a call. I want to hear from you. My direct line is 806-761-4200.

And I'll listen to you.

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