Consider This: Ignore council propaganda, vote No Way on Prop A

Consider This: Ignore council propaganda, vote No Way on Prop A

Your response to my commentary about the coliseum, auditorium and parking lots has been overwhelming.

No citizen has asked for more information on these facilities than me. I'm making every Open Records request I've made available to you so that you have access to the same information.

Now, the good old boys are putting on a full-court press by waging a propaganda war full of misleading information.

I got this piece of junk mail yesterday from the Chamber of Commerce. It says, "Our goal is not to influence how you vote," but then it is full of misleading information about the auditorium and coliseum.

First, it calls the coliseum and auditorium "seldom used."

Of course there aren't many events, the council has intentionally slow-played the promotion and improvement of the facilities. There is no person incentivized to keep them booked. Council has set it up to fail.

Next, this talks about them losing money. As I have told you, there are revenues generated from concessions and alcohol sales at the coliseum and auditorium that are not reflected in the bottom line. That's a fact.

But if losing money means we should get rid of something, then guess what? We should be voting to abandon the Silent Wings museum, the Civic Center and Santaland. None of them make a profit. That's just ridiculous!

The worst part of this shady junk mail is the scare tactics. It says, "It would take more than $14 million to bring both facilities up to date."

Let's be clear, this is not a vote for spending money. I'm not willing to spend a penny on the auditorium, which is where the majority of the repairs and ADA issues exist.

As a matter of fact, once Buddy Holly Hall is finished, I'm for tearing down the auditorium and making more parking.

However, I believe we should spend the $5 million voters already approved on the coliseum, where no ADA issues exist.

As I told the chamber president directly, the chamber has no business being the mouthpiece for the politicians on the council and campaigning to abandon the facilities and parking lots.

I have said all along this is about timing. And until a replacement for each facility is open, we should not be voting to abandon.

Consider This: Get out and vote against Prop A. Early voting ends Tuesday.

If you agree with me, share this commentary with your friends and use the hashtag #NoWayPropA.

If you disagree, call me, my direct line is 761-4200.

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