Consider This: Get out and vote to keep the coliseum this Saturday

Consider This: Get out and vote to keep the coliseum this Saturday

I was happy to give Mayor Pope this platform to make his case for Prop A.

There have been more scare tactics used in this election than in a presidential campaign.

The council guesstimate is $15 million to fix these facilities. However, $12 million of that is specifically tied to the auditorium and they've been on every outlet in town stating they won't spend a penny on the auditorium because of Buddy Holly Hall opening soon.

I agree with them. But really, this vote is about keeping the coliseum until there is a replacement.

And let's be absolutely clear: this election isn't about spending money.

This week the chamber is recklessly using inflated numbers, going as far as stating a new roof could cost $20 million to try to scare you into voting the way they want you to.

This is disgraceful!

Where are the bids to back this up? That's right, there aren't any.

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce has become the council's Ministry of Propaganda and I'll bet you we will see another junk mailer or email before Saturday. It is shameful. As a chamber member, I'm outraged.

It's head-scratching to me how the city, or any person or entity, could manage to lose money on assets that are debt free. Especially when Texas Tech makes more than $5 million a year on the city's parking lots.

But who are we kidding, we know the council is not showing all revenues on these balance sheets and it's not trying to make money.

And perhaps that's the bottom line, when things don't add up it usually means we don't have the whole story.

Who tears down their house before they have somewhere else to live?

Remember, this is the same council that chose to spend $64 million dollars, instead of the $32 million we were told, on an abandoned building downtown.

But they aren't tearing down the old city hall before the Ivory Tower is finished.

The only reason the city council is allowing us to have a voice in this is because the city charter and state statute require a vote before we abandon the facilities.

They're not "allowing" you to vote, they're dictating how they want you to vote and telling you they'll have to spend more of your money if you don't agree with them...and that's just misleading.

The council argument seems to be, "if you were as smart as us, you'd understand."

Well, I've done my homework and I don't understand. And I don't like to be strong-armed, and that's precisely what this is.

Have you noticed the tactics? You're either in or you're out. The chamber is putting on the pressure, and my alma mater, Texas Tech, is trying to influence this election to its own advantage.

I get that. If Prop A passes: Tech wins; citizens lose.

This has to be the only city in America where the council and chamber have campaigned to abandon the most valuable piece of real estate in the city.

It just doesn't add up and, as I've said all along, the timing is wrong.

A low voter turnout favors the proponents of abandoning the coliseum.

Consider this...get out this Saturday and vote against Prop A.

Make your voice heard. We've seen elections in this community won by a dozen or fewer votes.

If you agree with me, share this commentary with your friends and use the hashtag #NoWayPropA.

If you disagree, my direct line is 761-4200.

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