Texas Tech comments on lawsuit filed against university and its president

Updated: May. 4, 2018 at 4:40 PM CDT
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(KCBD) - Texas Tech is talking after Thursday's hearing regarding a lawsuit filed against the university and its president.

Dolcefino Consulting, a Houston-based firm hired by Mike Leach to investigate his 2013 firing, sent 45 open records requests to the university to dig up documents.

Now the president of that company, Wayne Dolcefino, has filed a lawsuit against Texas Tech and President Lawrence Schovanec, claiming failure to comply with the Texas Public Information Act Request.

Attorneys went back and forth for an hour and a half Thursday afternoon before Judge Bill Sowder in the 99th District Court.

The Attorney General's Office is representing Texas Tech in the lawsuit and argued the case should be dropped because Sowder's court lacks jurisdiction.

Dolcefino said he requested the complete investigation into Leach's 2013 firing. His attorneys told the court Tech refused to provide the documents.

Anne Hartley with the AG's office told the court a complete investigation does not exist because it was interrupted.

The judge then asked if Tech was word-picking when it came to "complete."

Judge Sowder said he would be disappointed to learn Tech had an investigative report and failed to produce it.

"Those who lived in Lubbock nine years ago know that people were outraged after Coach Leach was fired, right? What did Tech do? They released some of the documents from this investigation. They did that to sort of justify what they did. I just say let the sun shine, release it all. What are you hiding? What is so juicy in there that you are afraid for people to see?" Dolcefino said an interview with KCBD following Thursday's hearing.

The judge did not make a ruling and Hartley declined to comment.

However, Texas Tech did release this statement addressing the investigation into Leach:

"The investigation ended when Coach Leach was terminated, so there was not a final investigative report responsive to that specific request. However, the draft report was responsive to a subsequent request, and was provided to Mr. Dolcefino in March. There is no other report."

KCBD asked Dolcefino about that documents Tech said it handed over.

"This email wasn't written by someone who was in charge of the investigation," Dolcefino said on Friday afternoon in response to Tech's statement.

"There is a serious problem in this investigation.  I want to see all the emails, all the documents. They are hiding them. They are not going to make me go away by throwing up some one page email and saying, 'Well, nothing else to see here.' Not going to happen." Dolcefino said.

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