Yanny or Laurel? The internet is divided

(Source: @CloeCouture, Twitter)
(Source: @CloeCouture, Twitter)
Updated: May. 16, 2018 at 7:20 AM CDT
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It's the latest thing to take over the internet and divide America since the great dress debacle.

This audio file of a robotic voice saying a name has many people scratching their heads, trying to decide what the voice is actually saying.

20-year-old Instagram "influencer" Cloe Feldman posted this tweet with a poll late Monday night, and it's since gone viral.

Some people hear the voice say 'Yanny', while others hear 'Laurel'.

Some experts have weighed in on the topic to explain why everyone hears something different. Scientists say the file itself is most likely low quality, which contributes to the confusion. Also, if you adjust the pitch up or down, you may hear the other word.

Although the poll is split almost equally, experts say the original recording was most likely 'Laurel'.

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