Family, whole town bus in for Texas Tech graduation

Family, whole town bus in for Texas Tech graduation

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Vanessa Powell is one of the thousands of Texas Tech Graduates who will walk across the stage this weekend to receive her diploma.

Her whole family will be there to cheer her on with most of her hometown as well. In fact, so many decided to attend her graduation that they had to make special travel plans.

They traveled five hours from Sierra Blanca to Lubbock in a decked out Texas Tech bus that they bought and decorated themselves.

"My family has brought a bus to celebrate my graduation from Texas Tech," Powell said. "My family is crazy and I'm very loved and blessed."

Her whole family and most of her town will be attending her graduation. Her hometown is so close that the sheriff of Sierra Blanca even drove the bus.

"We are from a small town so its kinda a big deal for one of our kids to graduate high school and college," Sheriff Arvin West said. "The things she has accomplished is amazing and its just one of the ways to show our support for her."

For everyone to be here, and in a bus isn't unusual for a family like this one.

"They're always up to do something and to celebrate," Powell said. "The spirit of our town is that everyone's always willing to do stuff and it's not out of the ordinary to buy the bus."

More than 4,000 students will graduate from Tech this weekend.

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