Gas prices to increase as Memorial Day weekend creeps up

Updated: May. 24, 2018 at 9:33 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's that time of year. Gas prices normally peak around Memorial Day. With gas prices on a steady climb right now, it is hard to gauge when they will decrease.

"No one has a perfect crystal ball by any means but most of the trends and what market analysts have been really watching, is that it looks like the trend at least going into the summer, we're going to see prices continue to rise," Daniel Armbruster, a spokesperson with AAA, said. "The national average, which is at $2.96, will likely get above $3.00 a gallon. How far above it will go from there, I don't think anyone has the right answer for that."

Luckily the Texas economy is strong enough that officials with AAA anticipate the most Memorial Day weekend travelers since 2005. They also anticipate having to help rescue more than 300,000 motorists nation-wide over the weekend.

Armbruster gave some tips on how to make to get from point A to point B as planned.

"So making sure your battery is in good condition. If it's over three years old, get it checked before you hit the road. Your tires, making sure they're properly inflated so that you can avoid a blowout and then also save on gas as well," Armbruster said. "And then engine issues just making sure your coolant levels are topped off and making sure that all your belts and hoses are good."

If you're staying in Lubbock for the weekend, head to the KCBD NewsChannel 11 mobile app to find the cheapest gas prices in town.

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