Consider This: Protect your kids from hidden dangers of summer

Consider This: Keeping kids safe this summer

Summer break is already underway for many Lubbock students. This is a time when your kids and mine ought to be able to enjoy a carefree time of fun and recreation.

But summers are also packed with potential dangers and all of us with kids need to take time to make sure the children in our homes and neighborhoods are safe and secure.

By now we should all be aware of the need to secure firearms from children. This means locking them away so there is no possibility of them being misused.

There's nothing better than on a hot summer day than the swimming pool...but pools can be dangerous places for the inexperienced. Make sure your children have the supervision that is appropriate for their skills and remind them that electricity and water never mix.

This summer looks to be a scorcher. Prepare for the heat with sunscreen, plenty of water and breaks from the sun.

Consider this...looking out for the safety and welfare of our children is the responsibility of every person in the community.

And if one of my kids does something wrong, talk to them...and then let me know about it.

I'll thank you for caring.

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