Chicken Coop Tour first for Tech Terrace

Chicken Coop Tour first for Tech Terrace

(KCBD) - The Tech Terrace U.N.I.T Home Tour Committee is hosting its first ever Chicken Coop Tour on Saturday.

The tour will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. beginning at 3015 21st St.

Organizers will show homeowners, or future homeowners, how simple it is to have their own chicken coops and what it takes to take care of chickens and baby chicks.

While being able to go and pick fresh eggs in the morning is a huge plus--- these coup owners said it is more about the experience of owning this unique pet.

"The eggs are good you know, but I kid people the R.O.E. return on is about 4 bucks an egg, by the time you count the coup and the feed and all that, so it's not really for egg harvesting that I would get chickens," Gary Schwants, one of the people who is showing off his coop said."It's just kind of cool to have something a little bit unique in your backyard that not everyone has."

The tour will be stopping by:

  • 2806 20th Street
  • 2814 20th Street
  • 3015 21st Street
  • 3111 21st Street
  • 3118 21st Street

Tickets cost $15 per person but is free to those under 12. Organizers say that 50 percent of proceeds from the tour will go to the South Plains Food Bank, with the other half will going towards a community garden for Tech Terrace.

Tickets are non-refundable and can be purchased at

All participants are encouraged to bring their own water, sunscreen, and to wear bug spray

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