House passes 2018 Farm Bill

House passes 2018 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, DC (KCBD) - The United States House of Representatives passed the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 by a vote of 213-211.

This piece of legislation will help in addressing some of the needs and economic challenges farmers and ranchers around the nation are facing. The new bill will also invest in opportunities for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known to many as SNAP.

"As a trillion-dollar industry, agriculture is 5.5 percent of our total economy and employs over 21 million people, including one out of every seven people in the great state of Texas," Jodey Arrington, District 19 congressman, said in an official statement. "The 2018 Farm Bill gives our producers much-needed certainty and stability, makes critical investments in rural infrastructure, and requires able-bodied adults to work in order to receive food stamps. Our food stamp reforms increase accountability, reduce waste  and inefficiency, and - most importantly - break the cycle of government dependency and restore the dignity of work in this country."

A similar bill was voted on last month and failed as members of the Freedom Caucus withheld votes in order to force another vote on more conservative immigration measures, according to Politico. Democrats also withheld many votes because the previous bill would have enforced stricter working requirements for food stamp recipients.

Now, Politico predicts the U.S. Senate will have a vote possibly next week on its own bipartisan farm bill, which does not propose changes to food stamps.

"America was pioneered and built by the grit, sweat, and determination of farmers throughout our great land," Arrington said in his statement. "A farming heritage is ingrained in the very fabric of our country, and this Farm Bill will ensure that our farmers and ranchers have the support they need and keep farming part of America's future."

The full text of the Farm Bill can be found here:

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