Man shrinks after doctors remove 50 pound kidneys

Doctors remove 50-pound kidneys

(KCBD) - An average kidney is the size of your fist, which is why doctors at the Mayo Clinic say they believe they have removed the largest kidneys in the world.

Each kidney was bigger than a football, making the patient, Gene Okun appear to be obese when he was actually a thin man suffering from PKD or Polycistic Kidney Disease.

Dr. Mike Prieto, a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic says, "His kidneys were enormous. Probably the biggest ones I have ever seen."

It took a team of doctors 12 hours to remove the two bad kidneys and replace them with a donor kidney that came from a long time friend of the patient.

The diseased kidneys weighed 50 pounds, which turned out to bring instant weight loss for Gene after the transplant.

Gene says, "My stomach was completely flat, I could see my feet and I was just blown away that I wasn't so round."

Polycystic Kidney disease is an inherited disorder but it's not uncommon for people to have this for years without even knowing it. So if you have a relative with PKD, doctors say you should be screened for the condition.

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