Lamesa 'miracle baby' recovering strong after 3 brain surgeries in 24 hours

Lamesa girl endures 3 brain surgeries in 24 hours
Lili Baltazar from Lamesa (Provided by family)
Lili Baltazar from Lamesa (Provided by family)
Lili Baltazar from Lamesa (Provided by family)
Lili Baltazar from Lamesa (Provided by family)
Lili Baltazar from Lamesa (Provided by family)
Lili Baltazar from Lamesa (Provided by family)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A 9-year-old Lamesa girl is recovering after enduring three emergency brain surgeries in 24 hours.

Lili Baltazar from Lamesa had a real scare on June 15.

She was just playing with video games when her family says she suddenly began screaming in pain. Within minutes, she was unresponsive. The family soon learned the risk was even greater since Lili's illness had caused the veins in her brain to rupture.

"She was screaming in pain and right after that she started throwing up," Rachel Strope, Lili's step-mom, said. "We ran to the front door to get her and she was already limp in our arms and unresponsive."

Lili was flown to Covenant Women and Children's Hospital where her mom and stepmom got news no parent wants to hear.

"We had nurses and doctors coming and telling us that they didn't know if she would make it," Strope said. "They said she was a very strong girl and they didn't know what the outcome would be."

Lili had what doctors call a AVM, when the veins in the brain burst, causing pain and pressure on the head.

The condition is extremely rare and life-threatening especially since Lili is only 9-years-old.

She went through three brain surgeries within 24 hours. The first was the initial effort to drain the blood from her brain, next was an an angiogram, and finally, when the doctors cut her ear to ear to get the blood clot out.

Doctors say these were complicated surgeries to do, especially to do in a 24-hour time frame, but they were all successful.

"We call her miracle baby because doctors and nurses say that there was no way she could have survived from this being her age and people that do come out of it, grown ups, children they don't have a chance at all,"  Nancy Baltazar, Lili's mom, said. "We called her miracle baby and we knew she was a miracle baby from day one."

Lili proved her strength with every day of her physical therapy.

"We have been told from the beginning of different deficits she might have and that she might not be able to move all her limbs," Strope said. "She's proven time and time again that she's going to move all her limbs and she's dancing and singing."

From marching days after surgery, which doctors say they never see, to now almost one month post-surgery. Lili is singing, dancing, and laughing, really living up to the name miracle baby.

"Happy," Lili said. "I feel like I'm very loved."

She is still recovering here in Lubbock, but will be able to go home to Lamesa soon. The first thing she plans to do is go to the movies and then next marry her long term crush, Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Baltazar and Strope have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to pay for all the medical bills they now face. If you would like to help and read more on Lili's story, click here.

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