Salon shines light on homeless population in Lubbock

Salon shines light on homeless population in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Hundreds of people living in Lubbock wake up every day wondering where their next meal will come from, or where they'll get their next shower, giving little time to worry about needs like a haircut.

But for the second time this year, one local hair salon is looking to change that, hoping to help the homeless get cleaned up.

"I need a job. Anyone need an old lady?" Delinda Hargett says,"I need a job. 48 years old and I can do just about anything, I'll work, I'll do anything. I would love a job."

Kerry South agrees, but says, "I can't do too much anymore because I'm on third stage liver failure, but that doesn't keep me from working, just keeps me kind of sick… But I can still work!"

For many of these homeless individuals, getting a job can be a job in itself.

"That's the thing about most of us out here., Hargett says, "A lot of us want to work, we just.. being here it's hard to be clean every day to show up to work clean, you know we don't want to be nasty and show up to work, we want to be clean and be presentable.. sometimes it's kind of hard."

So today, people from all over came to help give those people that opportunity, to help give haircuts to the homeless.

"It means everything. Most people don't want to surround their business. To invite us here, to feed us, to cut our hair, to make us feel better, look better? It means the world."

It isn't always about appearances, not having a drivers license has been a major issue for many individuals.

"Not having an ID is also a big factor," Makayla explains. "When you lose your Identity, your identification, It's kind of hard to get that back, especially when your somewhere else."

"I mean I've got birth certificates, I've got every kind of ID except that card, and I can't get a job," Hargett agrees. "That card is the one thing holding me back."

"The money that we do get we have buy food and pay for other things, so a haircut is the last thing on our mind," sayts Makayla.

A snip or a buzz though, is a good start.

"Getting a haircut so we can go get jobs, interviews, it's kind of hard to stay clean out here on the streets, you know, taking showers, staying clean, so we can get a job."

And South agrees, "It's hard, a lot of people don't like us, but there's a lot of people who really care, and all these businesses go out of their way to help us and I love it. I give them all the respect. I hope God blesses them a thousand times over.

"Makes you feel good to see the love that people have, that not everyone hates us because we don't have nothing," says Hargett. "But there is love still here in Lubbock."

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