Plainview wind farm will bring hundred of new jobs to Hale County

Plainview wind farm bringing jobs

PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - While Plainview's economy has predominantly been dependent on agriculture, Hale County has diversified into other areas in the past few years, including wind energy.

Plainview is home to two wind distribution centers that provide parts for wind projects in a 200-mile radius.

"We've been the hub for a lot of related wind energy products, but until recently we did not have an actual wind farm for Hale County," Mike Fox with the Plainview Economic Development Authority said.

Soon that will change. The county's first wind farm is currently under construction. The Xcel Energy Farm is scheduled to be completed by next June and is already making a positive impact on the local economy here. It will employ 300 workers during construction.

"Plainview and Hale County is trying to adopt a pro-wind energy policy," Fox said. "We've given tax abatement to those projects and we want to project the image that we welcome with open arms wind projects in our region."

Fox says school districts in Hale County will also benefit from the area wind projects.

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