New Details in Summer Baldwin Murder Case

Lubbock Sheriff's Office
Lubbock Sheriff's Office

Lubbock police are waiting to hear back from DPS forensic crime lab to see if blood found at a Lubbock hotel room was from Summer Baldwin.

The Holiday Inn on Avenue Q is the target for police. They have reason to believe Baldwin was beaten to death inside one of the hotel rooms. Investigators found blood inside a room and sent it off for DNA testing. Those tests will prove if the blood found matches Baldwin.

Through a string of evidence, police arrested Rosendo Rodriguez for the death of Baldwin. They were able to track Rodriguez's debit transactions which led them to a Wal-mart on the South Loop. On surveillance video police found Rodriguez purchasing a black suitcase identical to the one found at the landfill with Baldwin's body inside of it. The cameras caught Rodriguez walking out with that suitcase in hand.

Police were led to the possible crime scene through his debit card records. The night before Rodriguez used his debit card to pull $22 at an ATM inside the lobby area of the Holiday Inn.

Investigators say any day, they will receive those results from the DPS crime lab. Meanwhile, the District Attorney's office awaits final autopsy reports. They may consider Rodriguez eligible for the death penalty, since Baldwin was five weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

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