Alleged Russian spy caught working in US embassy

Alleged Russian spy caught working in US embassy

(CNN) – A senior administration official has confirmed that a suspected Russian spy worked at the U.S. embassy in Moscow for over a decade.

The Russian woman has since been fired.

She came under suspicion two years ago when the State Department's regional security officers conducted a routine security review, which found she was having regular, unauthorized meetings with the FSB, the Russian intelligence service.

The senior administration official said she was fired last summer after being caught red-handed.

"We knew it was happening and it was just a process of playing it out and giving her specific information that we saw her give back to the FSB," said the official, adding that "this was not an issue of national security."

That's because the woman did not have access to highly classified information, despite having access to the U.S. Secret Service's intranet and email systems.

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