What you need to know about the Reagor-Dykes lawsuit

How to reach Reagor-Dykes
Published: Aug. 7, 2018 at 5:15 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 8, 2018 at 12:03 PM CDT
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Reagor-Dykes is asking customers to contact them to get specific issues resolved.
For the fastest response, email with specific details of your situation and contact information.
You may also call (806) 776-8732.


Are you affected by the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group lawsuit? Here's a quick guide to events, with contact information and advice for recent customers.

Summary of Events:

On July 31, 2018, Ford Motor Credit Company filed a lawsuit against Reagor-Dykes Dealerships. They accuse the dealerships of having an outstanding balance of more than $116 million dollars. They say that the dealership has sold Ford Credit vehicles without sending the required payments to Ford Motor Credit and have repeatedly submitted false or inaccurate information.

Ford says an audit done in June found that 147 of the 150 reported sales did not match the sales or registration dates reported by the Texas DMV.

Reagor-Dykes dealerships filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for multiple locations across Lubbock, Amarillo, and other locations.

We spoke to Lubbock County tax assessor-collector Ronnie Keister about the situation. Here's his advice for recent customers:

Who may be affected:

Reagor-Dykes is still in business, so "People who have not had their vehicle titles transferred should check with their dealer," Keister said. "That goes for any trade-in vehicles that may not be paid off."

Those who have already bought a vehicle where the title has been transferred have nothing to worry about.

If you traded in a car with a note on it, but you're not sure if it was paid off, contact your lending institution to check if the note has been paid off, and find out what they want you to do. Different companies have different ways to deal with situations like this.

What to do:

Customers who have purchased new vehicles are advised to check with the specific lot that sold them the car. Any leased vehicles from Reagor-Dykes should be handled in the same way.

Check to find out what company your auto loan lease is through. If it is Ford Motor Credit or GMAC, call and check with them. If you were making payments to Reagor-Dykes, you should call them to find out what you need to do.

If you can't get an answer or are unable to speak to anyone about your situation:

If you are unable to resolve a title dispute or if you are not getting answers from Reagor-Dykes, Keister suggests seeking legal counsel. (NOTE: the Lubbock County Tax Assessor-Collector's office does NOT handle these situations and will not be able to help resolve a problem.)

Looking ahead:

Ford Motor Credit and Reagor-Dykes Auto Group will meet in bankruptcy court on Aug. 16. This hearing could determine whether the company continues to operate under a reorganization plan, is shut down and liquidated, or is sold to another party.

Here is the listed contact information from the Reagor-Dykes web page.

Main phone: 806-776-8700

Reagor Auto Mall Lubbock
1211 19th Street Lubbock, TX 79401
Sales: 806-589-3837
Service: 888-788-0434
Parts: 806-589-3837

Reagor Dykes Auto Mall Midland
2200 West Wall Midland, TX 79701
Sales: 888-643-8789
Service: 888-258-6877
Parts: 432-360-2729

Reagor Dykes Chevrolet
221 S Main Street Floydada, TX 79235
Sales: 888-695-2899
Service: 888-696-4084

Reagor Dykes Dallas
16280 Midway Rd Addison, TX 75001
Sales: (972) 842-1022
Service: 888-576-4616
Parts: (972) 842-1022

Reagor Dykes Ford Lincoln Plainview
808 North Interstate 27 Plainview, TX 79072
Sales: 888-250-7448
Service: 888-692-8403
Parts: 888-692-9420

Reagor Dykes Levelland
2379 E. Hwy 114 Levelland, TX 79336
Sales: 888-221-3758
Service: 888-414-8761
Parts: 888-229-6793

Reagor Dykes Snyder
4004 US 84 Spur Snyder, TX 79549
Sales: 877-476-8256
Service: 877-490-3678
Parts: 877-500-9016

Reagor Dykes West Lubbock
6524 19th Street Lubbock, TX 79407
Sales: 888-819-6721

Reagor-Dykes Mitsubishi
4710 Canyon Drive Amarillo, TX 79109
Sales: 806-318-9145
Service: 806-318-9128
Parts: 806-318-9143

Reagor-Dykes Mitsubishi-Lubbock
6540 82nd Street Lubbock, TX 79424
Sales: 888-693-0503
Service: 888-431-6563
Parts: 877-301-2475

Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview
1220 South I-27 Plainview, TX 79072
Sales: 888-804-1626
Service: 888-492-9083
Parts: 888-482-0689

Spike Dykes Ford Lincoln Lamesa
1207 S. Lynn Lamesa, TX 79331
Sales: 888-437-9140
Service: 888-427-1390
Parts: 888-431-6303


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