Consider This: Duncan forced out for championing Tech Vet School

Consider This: Duncan forced out for championing Tech Vet School

The Texas Tech family was shocked Monday to learn of the resignation of Chancellor Bob Duncan.

Duncan is one of Tech and West Texas' most beloved public servants. He served in the Texas legislature for 19 years before stepping down as Senator for his dream job: to become Chancellor of Texas Tech University.

Bob Duncan bleeds red and black. Nothing better symbolizes his desire for what is best for the university than the way he drove the vet school project and brought it home for Texas Tech with a $90 million commitment from Amarillo.

But his success was his undoing. Aggie Chancellor John Sharp doesn't want Tech to have a vet school and he has Governor Abbott's ear.

The "resignation" was a result of the leadership of Chairman Rick Francis who, along with four other regents, wanted to dump Duncan.

They are political creatures beholden to the Governor for their position and reappointment and they did it because Governor Abbott influenced Chairman of the Regents Rick Francis to make the vet school problem go away.

Consider this: It's easy to recognize a resignation ahead of a firing and that's exactly what happened here.

Chairman Rick Francis has become little more than a puppet for Governor Greg Abbott. His chief concern is for whatever he can do for his hometown of El Paso, not securing a vet school for Texas Tech.

Next legislative session, our lawmakers need to change how regents are appointed. Governor Abbott has absolute power over the process, and that process is corrupted with politics and influence.

If you agree with me, call or email the governor and the Board of Regents. Let them know you aren't happy.

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